Be Beautiful Be Timeless

Dovana is Lithuanian word meaning “a gift” is the line of Karan Jewellers. Founded in 1999 as a family business, Karan Jewellers is the store established in the heart of city of Jalandhar. From its modest beginning in Model Town, the store grew to become successful business in the city and internationally offering different services related to diamond, gold and silver.

Dovana comes with a contemporary, exquisite and ornate approach to sterling silver and hallmark silver articles. Coming with legacy of championship and craftsmanship in this domain, Dovana has been curated having inspiration from across the world, innovating new and different designs that can inspire the fashion. Accessorizing becomes plush, classy and pure accessible with this fresh new approach to silver. The Silver is the new class and Dovana presents it to you in diverse form at its online store so you have elegance just a tap away.